Witch Haus Issue #3 Is Here!!

An announcement from Cameron Crowell // Editor


A bunch of the fre$h new copies of Witch Haus in a box I found behind IPRC. Also a pretty flower 🙂

The spring issue of Witch Haus PDX is hott off the presses y’all and ready to be sent out to any of our beloved readers for the low-low price of $5 (plus 75 cents for shipping). Issue #3 is loosely themed ‘The Movement Issue’  and features wonderful interpretations of the word with writing from Ciara Dolan, Harrison Smith, Sierra Adler, Journey Fetter, Emily VanKoughnett, Cameron Crowell, Fiona Woodman, Nathan Tucker, and Eric Snyder (of the important Portland-based mental health/suicide prevention non-profit Live Again).  In addition we have a wonderful illustration by Caitlin Degnon and photo collection by Hannah Turner-Harts who is responsible for our super cool cover photo. We also have a collage of photos from the disposable camera’s we gave to Sioux Falls, Cool American, and Alien Boy for their recent tours. We are so beyond proud to publish all of these artist’s work, I think I can say this with confidence that this is the BEST issue we’ve been able to put out yet. Not only is it twice the size, but I think I have a high school design class level of proficiency with InDesign at this point! So come hang tomorrow at the 101 on the PSU Campus where we will be premiering the zine and get yourself a copy. But if you can’t make it email us at witchhauspdx (at) gmail.com. And we can send one to you in the mail, or if you are within reasonable biking distance I can hand deliver you one! 



cover image by Hannah Turner-Harts


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